SafeUM - secure messenger

SafeUM - secure messenger 1.0.12

SafeUM is a secure messenger.

SafeUM is a secure messenger.

SafeUM is a secure messenger. Chat and send files using the reliable encryption algorithms. Encryption is available even in free version.

SafeUM features:

- Encrypted group chats;

- Registration without a SIM card, using only login and password;

- Usage of 3 accounts simultaneously on one device;

- HD quality calls out;

- Chat history can be disabled on both sides simultaneously;

- Account access control (logging in from different OS);

- The accounts authorization history;

- Free encrypted audio and video calls within SafeUM;

- Automatic adding of contacts from your contact list if registered with a phone number;

- 24/7 technical support.


- Local data is not stored on your device;

- Screenshot protection when chatting;

- “Enhanced encryption” mode;

- Verification of your interlocutor’s encryption keys with QR-code when offline;

- 3 levels of account protection with PIN codes;

- Your personal information IS NOT available to public wi-fi networks;

- Strong encryption ensuring confidentiality of transmitted information;

- Prevention and security alerts of account hacking attempts;

- Dynamic key generation for each message;

- Digital signature ensures the integrity of the transmitted data as well as the authenticity of the interlocutor;

- Our servers store ONLY the encrypted data. We can not decrypt it as we don't have encryption keys.

- The servers do not contain any hard drives and in the case of seizure, all data will be lost.

Safe U. Safe Me. SafeUM.

SafeUM - secure messenger


SafeUM - secure messenger 1.0.12

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